Saturday, November 10, 2018

The Treasure of the Empty Box Truck

This week, as Craig sidelines himself for recovery from violent diarrhea received at a Slayer concert, we rush headlong into two very different films. First up is The Bunny Game. The tale of a young drug addicted prostitute who is abducted by a trucker and tortured. No points for correctly guessing who picked that one. Then we take a trip to the gold laden Mexican hills with three guys in search of their fortunes. Does The Treasure of the Sierra Madre or is it really a statement about humanity? 
I don't know but you might after this week. Join us and Bogie, won't we?

Episode 75- The Treasure of the Empty Box Truck

Saturday, November 3, 2018

We See Paradise by the Mad Horde Fight

After a hectic month with the October Horror Challenge, we finally settle back into the normal flow. This week Dave unleashes Paradise, a Canadian Blue Lagoon rip off. Will any of us ever look at the wonderful Phoebe Cates the same again? Is Willie Aames really the worst protagonist we have seen? Kevin counters with the cult classic Australian and Hong Kong co-production The Man from Hong Kong. A Bond, a lot of civilian casualties and the second most obnoxious lead we have ever had to endure.
All that and a digression into 007, how we ended our OHCs, and the genesis of Kevin's passion for goth girls is revealed to be the same place Craig and T's passion for the Divine Miss M.

Join us, won't we?

Episode 74- We See Paradise by the Mad Horde Fight

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Slashers Forsaken

This week we sit down with some seriously underappreciated slasher movies and ask "How you doin'?" in our best daytime talk show host styles. First we hear the sad and lonely song of the original slasher parody and closeted cult favorite Student Bodies. Then we hear the heartbreaking tale of murder, collegiate athletics, how not to run murder investigations, racism and jigsaw puzzles that has haunted the halls of Pieces memory. Next our youngest forsaken bloodbath, The Tripper, tells us about early 2000s politics and why Thomas Jane should have a statue in every major world city. Finally, we hear the sad tale of Eric Binford's decent in to a madness that the general public expects from every open horror fan, that consuming Fade to Black.

All that and some other stuff...

Episode 73- Slashers Forsaken

Saturday, October 20, 2018


This week it is all sequels. Be they tentative second steps into becoming a full blown major franchise or contractually obligated bludgeons to capitalize on an actor's draw after it explodes or as a desperate attempt to keep hold of the film rights so some other asshole can't make a better version sequels are one of the most enduring threads of film history. This week we take a look at the magnificence of Terry O'Quinn in The Stepfather 2: Make Room for Daddy, the interesting idea that was turned into a quick cash grab by the studio Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, the surprisingly on point for a lot of today's conversations on athletic rape culture The Rage: Carrie 2, and the fetish film Species 2: We Didn't Bother with a Subtitle.

Join us, won't we?

Episode 71- 2Raid2Podcat: Second Times Around

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Fission Chips

The October Challenge continues! This week Raiders takes a look at Sci-Fi Horror. First up is the film which gave us a global recognition of kaiju, birthed the tokusatu genre, hatched the longest running film franchise in history, and has made Craig live in fear for years... the one true king of the monster's 1954's Godzilla (GOJIRA!!!). Next we dip our toes into New Wave British horror with Norman J Warren's serial killer lesbians vs people-eating cat alien romp Prey... a movie Dave is certain is packed with meaning that he just didn't pick up on. That is followed by Borg on a Russian boat movie, Virus, an old favorite of Tyler's... which may or may not cause everyone else great pain. Finally we take a look at one of John Carpenter's many cult classics, Prince of Darkness. All that and Kevin keeps his extra watches classy and mocks the rest of us for wallowing in cinematic sewage runoff.

Join us, won't we?
Episode 71- Fission Chips

Saturday, October 6, 2018

A Tour of the Italian Horrorside

Ah, bel paese. Raiders takes a tour of Italian Horror to kick off October. Our first film's shadow is longer than it's runtime and who hasn't wondered what their neighbor tastes like? Find out as we picnic at a Cannibal Holocaust. We get picked up by Umberto Lenzi and see the sites through his Eyeball. Lucio Fulci slips some LSD in our ginger beers and in a dream London we meet A Lizard in a Woman's Skin. Finally we wake up hungover, exhausted, and covered with bright orange blood in Buffalora cemetery and meet the Cemetery Man who insists we call him Dellamorte Dellamore.

Week 1 of the October Horror Challenge. Episode 70- A Tour of the Italian Horrorside

Saturday, September 29, 2018

No Pam

This week we throw something funky on the hi-fi, turn down the lights, and... come with we and you'll be in a world of blaxploitation. Take a look and you'll see so much blaxploitation. We take on the Klan with a trio of Vets somewhere in the South and join the Brotherhood of Death . William Sanderson takes us and a nice preacher's family hostage as we Fight for Your Life. After that we head to a San Francisco antique dealer, Blacula, to see some new acquisitions from Transylvania. Finally we make it to the mean streets of New York to take in a Curtis Mayfield show and get to be truly Super Fly.

How did we watch four blaxploitation movies and not see a single on with Pam Greer? Find out, this week on Raiders of the Podcast.

Episode 69- No Pam!