Saturday, May 25, 2024

Uncarbonated Poptimism

     This week a quartet of movies starring popstars. 

     When Ali travels from Iowa to LA with dreams of becoming a professional dancer, she takes a job as a waitress. The club's owner, Tess, is battling financial worries, an aggressive developer, a drunken diva, and a partner on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Desperate for something new to revitalize their stagnating stage show, Tess hears the vocals belted out from Ali, which makes everyone wonder why she didn't just try singing to begin with. All the glitz and glamour with none of the calories... Burlesque.
     The Kid and his band The Revolution hold one of the house band slots at the First Avenue nightclub. The Kid spends his days practicing and his nights performing in an effort to avoid his verbally and physically abusive home. Since The Kid's ego doesn't allow him to play compositions from others, his rival Morris Day tries to steal The Revolutions slot with a new girl group he's forming... a girl group centered around The Kid's girlfriend. A film that delivered one of the greatest soundtracks of all time.... Purple Rain.
     A Texan waitress, Kelly, and her two besties go to Fort Lauderdale for Spring Break. Justin and his two besties are Miami based party promotors working the Venice of America's crowds. When their paths cross at a spontaneous beach song, sparks fly. Both between our young lovers and from a hidden jealous rival. Situations and misunderstandings and very dramatic drama ensues. A rushed film desperately trying to cash in on a cultural tidal wave... From Justin to Kelly.
     Martial arts genius Jimmy finally comes home after a decade in reform school. He swears revenge on those who murdered his father. Local gang member, Mikey, is trying to consolidate his groups power through winning the local kumite. In order to make their bid successful, the gang tries to murder Jimmy. Fortunately for him, he has a mage and grocery stocker in his corner. The first feature length martial arts film made in Ireland... Fatal Deviation.
     All that and Kevin regrets some animated choices, Tyler tries his hand at feudal zookeeping, Dave visits some aging friends, and Craig still hears the infernal beeps. Join us, won't you?
    Episode 362- Uncarbonated Poptimism

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Laser-crossed Lovers

     This week- a couple of nostalgic classics from low budget independent  studios.

     Mandroid escapes the lair of nefarious scientist Albert Reeves and his time travelling plan for global conquest. Soon he finds an ally in robotics expect Nora Hunter, roguish riverboat captain Harry Fontana, ninja Kuji, and desperate for its own toyline complete with a Saturday morning cartoon to market it S.P.O.T. Can our intrepid heroes stop the wicked plans or will history as we knew it be wiped out by our beloved cyborg overlords? Eliminators.
     Tromeo lives in squalor with his father, Monty Que, and works at a tattoo parlor with his cousin, Benny, and friend, Murray. Juliet is hidden away in her family's mansion, being guarded by her abusive father, Cappy Capulet, and dangerously overprotective cousin, Tyrone, with only sultry servant, Ness, to comfort and provide her with kindness. The Ques and Capulets have long been locked in a brutal and bloody conflict. Crashing Cappy's masquerade ball, to celebrate Juliet's arranged marriage to meat tycoon Arbuckle, Tromeo finds himself on a collision course with... true love! Can our loving lovers who love find loving love or will the machinations of Cappy bring about a tragic end? Tromeo & Juliet.
     All that and Kevin gets a animated about vehicles for a third time, Dave solo levels, and Tyler might just have the war against those dang grimy primates. Join us, won't you?
   Episode 361- Laser-crossed Lovers

Saturday, May 11, 2024

O Mario Where is Yo?

     Due to some vague and out of our control issues with the site we record with, there will be a fair amount of snap, crackle, and even pop this week. We did our best to fix it but... apologizes in advance. This week two movies about desperate men trying to get the money and run before their short windows of time run out.

     When rogue Secret Service agent Foss takes the Vice President of the Uniter States hostage in the owner's box at Civic Arena during Game 7 of the 1995 Stanley Cup Finals, he never expected a traumatized former fire fighter who had then job of arena fire marshal to crash the party. Now Darren McCord must face his trauma, save his kids, kill a small army of professionals, and make sure the Pittsburgh Penguins can tie in the 3rd so the game can end in... Sudden Death.
     Pete, Delmar, and Ulysses Everett McGill escape a chain gang to dig up a treasure that is stored in a cabin that will be flooded to become a lake in just a few days. Their odyssey crosses paths with sirens and klansmen and possibly the devil himself, and takes them from ditch digging to a wonderful treasure... just not the one they seek. All with some mighty fine a-pickin' and a-singin'- O Brother, Where Art Thou?
     All that and Tyler buys a new toy, Kevin shares the pain, Craig makes threats, and Dave hunts the Rice Krispies. Join us, won't you? 
    Episode 360- O Mario, Where is Yo?

Saturday, May 4, 2024

Do a Kickflip

     This week- kids in 90s American and a con artist learns therapy is helpful.

     Roy Waller is a con artist in LA who suffers from OCD and stress induced tics. After a bad panic attack, his partner convinces him to see a therapist. The therapy convinces Roy to reach out to people from his past. Soon Roy finds himself with the biggest mark of his career and a teenage daughter he just met wanting to learn the trade. One of Ridley Scott's most overlooked films- Matchstick Men.
     Stevie finds himself drawn to the group he sees outside a local skateshop. Idolizing their daredevil attitudes, he become part of their group as a refuge from his abusive older brother. As time passes and relationships change, will the group hold together? Will their bonds prove to be tenuous and brittle? A nostalgia drenched directorial debut, Mid90s.
     All that and Tyler tries this new thing called television, Dave hunts a vampire, and Kevin tries his hand at a pastry. Join us, won't you?
   Episode 359- Do a Kickflip

Saturday, April 27, 2024

The Butler Did It

     This week- four films starring a tartan typhoon called Gerry.

     After being locked away in a vault for 120 years, a heist unleashes a vampiric nightmare on New Orleans just in time for Mardi Gras (as if a movie would acknowledge the city for the other 11 months of the year). Mary, a young record store employee with questionable mental health, finds herself in the bloodsucker's sights. Will she escape the eternal night of Dracula 2000 (aka Dracula 2001 aka Wes Craven Presents Dracula 2000)?
     In ancient Egypt, the gods lived among mortals. After a thousand years, Osiris decides it is time to step down and hand his crown to his son, Horus. This decision doesn't sit well with his brother, Set. So Set takes the opportunity to seize power and remake the world to his liking. Can Horus and a tiny human thief stop the god of deserts and storms before he destroys all Gods of Egypt?
     During a home invasion Clyde Shelton is forced to watch his wife and daughter be raped and murdered. When Nick Rice, star of the DA's office, decides to make a deal with the perpetrator, despite there being the most ridiculous mountain of evidence possible, rather than try the easiest career making case of all time. A decade later, the two men find themselves on a collusion course as one tries to bring down the system and the other tries desperately to bring him down. Can Nick and the system he venerates triumph over this Law Abiding Citizen?
     The sudden death and funeral for the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is really part of a massive plan to kill the leaders of every G7 nation. After the initial attack only the President of the United States is left alive and wondering the terrorist infested streets of a completely disconnected English capital with just his super secret service agent, Mike Banning. With enemies hunting them on every block and kilometers between them and rescue, how long can they survive now that London Has Fallen?
     All that and Kevin gets his new horror on, Dave objects, Craig considers new liquid receptacles, and Tyler has his eye on some new skate trucks. Join us, won't you?

    Episode 358- The Butler Did It

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Low Stakes Horror

     This week- a classic gothic horror from England and a, uh, different type of classic for a very dedicated type of audience.
     In 1885, self proclaimed librarian Jonathan Harker arrives take charge of some books at a lonely castle. Mr. Harker didn't tell anyone that his real job is vampire hunter and the noble whose books he used as cover is named Dracula. Things don't work out as planned and soon Dr. Van Helsing goes to find Harker while Dracula goes to find Harker's friends in England. Hammer's first entry in it's take on Bram Stoker's fangy fiend, Dracula (aka Horror of Dracula).
     In 1995, a shlub whose barely holding on to his job taking family portraits finds himself being called to be a hero. When he and five others are trapped inside a building by a mischievous spirit from the distant past. Will our shutterbug step up or will the sun rise on the building only inhabited by the dead? The middle entry in Donald G Jackson's puppet trilogy starring Joe Estevez and Conrad Brooks, Baby Ghost.
     All that and... three of us fall into unrelenting cinematic despair while Craig cackles from his hidden fortress's throne room. Join us, won't you?

    Episode 357- Low Stakes Horror

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Rented by the Hour

     This week- a pair of films adapted from the stage.

     1931, Berlin, while finishing his doctorate a British academic, Brian Roberts, takes residence in a boarding house. Finding his room is too small to teach English lessons, which he must to survive, Brian strikes up a friendship with his neighbor, Sally Bowles, a performer at the Kit Kat Klub. Soon Brian finds himself caught up in her bohemian lifestyle. One of the first films to be rated X with fiendishly catchy songs, strong performances, plenty of thought-provoking subtly under the bawdy exterior, and possibly Bob Fosse's most enduring and still relevant work- Cabaret.
     Liz is a street prostitute who is weary of her life and desperate to escape her pimp. As she wonders the late night streets of LA, Liz directly tells the audience of her history, from her youth to the current moment, and why she keeps going. Based on a monologue play, one of the first to be given a NC-17 rating in the US, anchored by a strong lead performance and strong visuals. Ken Russell's satirical drama tries to bring pathos and humanity to the world's oldest profession, Whore.
     All that and Dave finds his memory slipping, Craig discovers pain in the ring, Kevin gets classy again, and Tyler plots to ensure there are no flawless victories. Join us, won't you?
    Episode 356- Rented by the Hour