Saturday, September 21, 2019

Invisible Serum, Would You Like to Know More?

     This week we battle some bugs and get strangled by a breeze. First up, James Whale's third classic horror for Universal which introduced one of the era's most versatile character actors to the world at large and currently riding the reboot fast track as a last ditch effort to save the Dark Universe Cinematic Universe project... The Invisible Man. Would you like to know more?
     Then we take up janky underpowered firearms to become citizens and stop the Arachnid threat with Rico's Roughnecks. We are doing our part with Starship Troopers. Would you like to know more?
     All that and Dave does a White Trash training in Florida, Tyler might explode in orgasmic joy as he ascends to the Rob Zombie Astral Plane, and Kevin stands alone, a shining beacon of art and culture, against the crushing tide. Would you like to know more?

Episode 120- Invisible Serum, Would You Like to Know More?

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Sea Monkeys

This week, the Raiders crew head back to 1995 for that double feature of Kevin Costner & Michael Crichton you’ve all been waiting for!
Kevin grows a pair of gills, gets us all wet and delivers that Kevin Costner/Kevin Reynolds post-apocalyptic team-up of “WaterWorld” based off an email from one of our loyal listeners! Then Craig decides to spank the monkey & bring us that Dylan Walsh lead, Michael Crichton adaptation of “Congo” All the eye-patch wearin’ Dennis Hoopers, Gorillas, and laser gun rockin’ Laura Linneys you can handle in a single episode! Episode 119- Sea Monkeys

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Smells Like Mean Spirit

     This week two sets of people who could use some serious therapy do their things in small towns. First up, Wes Craven's directorial debut, a legend of grindhouse horror exploitation and grandpappy of the Video Nasty era. Often imitated but never duplicated, just remember to keep telling yourself it's only a movie... The Last House on the Left.
     Then we take a trip down an overlooked path of blackest comedy and neo-noir. When Dennis Pitt is released from a mental institution he takes on teenage Sue Anne to back him up on his imaginary missions for the CIA. But who is using who and where does the real danger lie? Will they fall victim to some Pretty Poison?
     Also- Tyler ends up on empty, Kevin watches every entry in the Maltin Guide, Anna hosts disastrous parties, Dave gets his heart broken, and Craig returns in all his pantsless canine covered glory. Join us, won't we?

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Be Wery Wery Quiet, We're Hunting Humans

To celebrate the end of August heat we watch four very special movies about people hunting their own kind. First up, the classic Ozplitation film Turkey Shoot. Next we gaze upon one of cinema's longest shadows and cower at The Most Dangerous Game. Then a film with more nudity than the porns we have had to watch, and Tyler's sly attempt to stack the deck in his favor, Naked Fear. Finally we take a look at yet another dystopian future Japan, they have more than most places, and watch old school chums butcher each other in a Battle Royale.

Episode 117- Be Wery Wery Quiet, We're Hunting Humans

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Murder Up

     This week RotP a mostly rightly forgotten Italian slasher from a surprise merging of the minds of Claudio Fragasso and Bruno Mattei, if only Fragasso had known it might be a better movie. A cheap dollar store masked killer is punching his way through the ladies of Virginia Beach, Virginia and absolutely no one has any plan to stop him. A town full of incompetent cops and illegally talkative doctors find their only possible chance to catch the killer is to release his only known surviving victim back out into the world, unsupervised and with a case of total amnesia. 
     Then we take a look back at the last week of 1959, almost two decades before any of us would be born, to wax nostalgic about the old days and witness the rise of kitchen sink comedy later popularized by a certain sitcom and the '90s indie film scene. A group of friends are struggling to find their places in the world, hanging out at the local diner, in the days before one's wedding. 
     All that and Dave limits his tangents to a reasonable number, Tyler might have had the time of his life, and Kevin takes in a couple of stage productions to preserve his classy persona from crumbling under the weight of his late night peeping.

Episode 116- Murder Up!

Saturday, August 17, 2019

More Kung-Fu Shark Than Human

    This week Chris steps off the bench to give us Jaws 2. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, another too far north Great White shows up to ruins the day of the Brody family. Why didn't they move to Nebraska after this? Then Dave forces a whole truck load of 70s Hong Kong Wonderful down throats with Fist of Fury. The legendary Bruce Lee's second major feature where he reinvents and forever owns the role of Chen Zhen, modern mythical Chinese folk hero. Finally, Tyler reclaims his title with Blade Runner. In three months we will have flying cars, interplanetary colonization, and sex bots. Fuck, I love the future!

All that and other stuff... and even junk. Join us, won't we?

EPISODE 115- More Kung-Fu Shark Than Human

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Korean BBQ Mason Pills

     This week Anna steps up to offer us a James Mason classic about mental illness and addiction  with the Nicholas Ray's brilliant Bigger Than Life. Then Kevin ups the pressure to keep it classy with Lee Chang-dong's 2018 adaption of Haruki Murakami, Burning
Episode 114- Korean BBQ Mason Pills