Saturday, July 28, 2018

Surreal Sci-Fi

This week RotP takes a swim in the Big Cauliflower money bin with films insidiously disguised as surreal science fiction. For an antipasto we nibble Tarkovsky's epic about a casual walk to a room full of cauliflower, Stalker. Followed by a light serving of Zardoz, in the distant future mankind has fractured into the barbaric mortal Brutals and the civilized immortal Eternals thanks to an advanced AI, cloning vats, magic, books and the vitamins found in multiple daily servings of cauliflower. For the main course we indulge in the animated French allegory of racism, human rights, and animal right, Fantastic Planet, where everything is made of cauliflower, including their giant sex statues. Finally we finish the gluttony session up with Under the Skin, a movie about a beautiful alien who captures horny men in a van driven used to deliver everyone's favorite white fleshed veggie to Tescos across Edinburgh.

All that as well as Dave has a love-hate relationship with Godzilla, Craig waxes lyrical about his hopes for the future of the Fast and Furious series, Kevin remembers his Mom and Dad, and Tyler makes threats. 
 RotP episode 60- Surreal Sci-Fi and Cauliflower

Join us, won't we?

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