Saturday, June 30, 2018

Children of a Lesser Baldwin

This week it's brother against brother against brother as we force a showdown between all Baldwins not named Alec. First up, the bloated Baldwin named Daniel gets two chances to impress. In Stuart Gordon's King of the Ants he tries his hand at being a greasy drunk crime boss and, in Christopher Guest's 1993 remake of the camp cult classic Attack of the 50ft Woman, he makes an attempt at being a greasy philandering husband who might also be drunk a few times. Second youngest and meltiest looking brother William gets his chance to wow us with Philip Noyce's Sharon Stone led erotic thriller based on an Ira Levin novel, Sliver. Finally baby brother Stephen gets his moment to shine in a movie about the lust boiling in a single college dorm suite in Threesome.
THREE BALDWINS ENTER! ONLY ONE LEAVES! Assuming RotP can agree on which is the Best Off Brand Baldwin. I wouldn't put money on it.
All that, dream Jurassic Park projects, a heartfelt ode to 1990s Lara Flynn Boyle, and more. This week in RotP episode 56- Children of a Lesser Baldwin. 

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