Saturday, June 2, 2018

Veritas Viper Pit

    This week we put our fates in the hands of Chris and Stone and hope for the best. Stone throws Perfect Life (a.k.a. Perfect Victims) at us. A 2010... uh... pain machine isn't a genre, is it? No... um... drama? Sure. Drama. A 2010 "drama" about the most pretentious frat pledge and his very very loosely defined friends that he holds in painfully low esteem. Chris sees fit to serve up a little Street Trash, the 1987 cult classic painstakingly designed to offend as many as possible as often as possible. 
    Plus we finally hold T over a fire and force him to begin The Wire! We also figure out how to best make the inevitable Kenobi movie. All that and other things! Join us, won't we?

Episode 52- Veritas Viper Pit

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